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9 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

These online business ideas could make you rich when you start your next business online.

All over the web you can find articles and statistics that tell us on-line is the place to be if you want to start your own business, we agree. Not only do we agree, but we firmly believe that you can find something you have a passion for  and something you love that you can build your online business around.

We could quote numbers and tell you about the projected growth of the online market, but what we would rather tell you about is some of the possible online businesses you could start today. These business ides could help you get your own piece of the online pie and also help you secure a reliable income as well as job satisfaction. Below we have provided our top online business ideas and while the list isn’t comprehensive, we believe you can find something on our list to inspire you and help you along your journey in starting a successful online business.

  1. Specialized Retailer

    If you want to make money with an online business sometimes you need to find your niche. Specialty retail allows you to find that thing you are great at in retail and run with it. Platforms like Shopify make it easier than ever for you to set up your online niche retail shop. If your passion is selling kooky socks or designer one of a kind upcycled furniture, finding your specialty can be your recipe for online sales success.

  2.  SEO Business

    When it comes to the internet, the big deal is big traffic and almost every website and blog writer on the net is looking for ways to get more traffic. Those who are good with words and research, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, might find they can create a job for themselves that is in high demand. Lots of companies will pay good money to show up in the top results for any number of topics and research has shown that showing up in the top results is what it takes to get a high volume of traffic. Being able to create website content that will show up organically in website search engines is a talent you can use to create an income that is as high as your search results.

  3. Vacation Rental Business

    If when you think vacation rental you think AirBnB or Travelocity, you are missing out on an incredible portion of the on-line vacation rental business. Though many people are happy for a generic rental for their vacations, many people are looking for something outside the box or that caters to their specific needs and desires. If you love the idea of serving a niche within the travel site, starting a business for on-line rentals might be for you. Maybe you have knowledge of what people with disabilities need and want to supply a site that caters to those people as they travel the world. Perhaps you love cos-play and think there should be a place to shop for the perfect cosplay vacation rental. The on-line vacation rental industry could be your on-line business opportunity.

  4.  RV Rental Business

    Now not everyone who wants to vacation wants to stay in one place, many people would prefer to have their hotel be on wheels while they travel the country. This means that if you want to build a business that literally roams the country, you could build a business that rents out RV, Travel Trailers, and Campers. People leave their valuable on-wheels hotel rooms in their driveways most of the year. Creating a marketplace that matches renters with RV owners could be an incredible way to make a living while helping other make money and vacation better.

  5. Business Coaching

    I am going to tell you a secret, I have a business and life coach. I want to be successful and I have this coach that helps me realize my dreams and abilities and the only way I access my coach is on-line. Businesses and individuals need coaches to help them realize potential they have been missing or get over humps and road blocks in the way. I am not my coaches’ only client and the fact that I access this coach on-line means they can reach people all over the country. If you have life skills or business skills you might find that your perfect on-line business is helping people like me to do business and life better.

  6. Handmade Craft Seller

    Besides having a life coach I have a thing for artisanal soaps. I love hand crafted soaps that are colorful and beautiful and that are great for my skin. I usually buy these soaps at craft fairs, but sometimes I run out in between fairs, so now I have found several I like on-line. If you make hand crafted and artisanal products, it is time to stop schlepping all of your wares from craft show to craft show and time to start selling them on-line. If you’re worried about the amount of time and dedication tending and on-line shop will take, check out Shopify to make creating your store a snap.

  7. Box Subscription Business

    Most of us get some sort of box subscription be it razors, coffee, or beauty products there seems to be a box for almost anything. Almost is the operative word and just because a box exists doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more than one box. Heck, combine some of our ideas, start a box subscription for artisanal handcrafted soaps. Should you have the gift of sourcing products and putting them together in an appealing way, in a box, this might be your calling in the on-line marketplace.

  8. Social Media Consultant Business

    As we talk about all of these on-line business ideas, one of the questions you might ask is how people find out about these businesses once you have started them. Well if you happen to know the answer you might be well suited to being a social media consultant. Sure the big companies can hire full teams or even big firms to manage their social media, but that leaves many small businesses wondering how they can manage their on-line presence, get more likes and generate more traffic. Social media is one of the most powerful tools a small business can use to get the word out and if you are one of those social media wonders, your expertise is exactly what many people are looking for.

  9. Natural & Organic Online Shop

    I am going to talk about soap again. I did try to make my own soap, but one of the things I had a hard time with was finding organic ingredients. More and more people are not just looking at what is in their food, beauty, cleaning and a whole host of other products, they are looking for products and ingredients that are organic. Though many companies have tried to fill the organic niche, no one company has been crowned king or queen and there is plenty of room for on-line shops that specializes in organic only.


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  1. One fascinating thing I like about online business is the comfort that comes with it (services from one’s home). I offer SEO services, and I can tell it’s a niche anyone can easily try out after intense learning. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. I’ve been on the search for a good online business to start but I can’t seem to find one I can start easily. I often see that one needs to meet a mentor or pay huge sums to learn. I’m happy to read this; at least I can start off with my soap making craft and market online.

  3. Specialized retailers are selling fast now. Shopify is a great place to start but you can also check out other platforms that you would be comfortable with.

  4. Natural and organic products online are the best you can sell online and be proud of yourself. Just make sure you get the best products at the best price and you will be surprised at the result of your sales.

  5. Handcrafted soaps are moving fine and I bet a lot of people now search for it online and love it. So, if you focus on that, you bet you will get a good return for your business. Just have a good plan and you’ll be fine.

  6. Hmm. These are great options but it requires lots of planning too I guess. So, one doesn’t get disappointed along the way. But I’ll try a few and see what works.

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