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The Best Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms & Dads

As parents, we are looking for more options and flexibility when it comes to raising a family and generating income. If you are reading this, you are probably one of those parents who is interested in creating a business you can do from home. You want to find that balance between earning a wage and being available for your family.


Before we get into the different home business options for stay at home moms and dads, here are some of the things you need to consider before starting a home based business:

  • Zoning – What kind of zoning applies to the home you currently live in and does that zoning restrict the types of businesses you can have
  • Startup Cost – Do you have any financial resources available to start your business
  • Bookkeeping– How will you maintain your books so you do things like set aside money for taxes each quarter
  • Skills and Interests – Do you have any particular skills or interests that would be good for a home business

There are a number of businesses that say they are great for a home based business, like Lularoe, Amway, Scentsy, Beachbody, doTerra and other Multi-Level Marketing style businesses. We have left these kinds of businesses off our list because many of these businesses have diminishing returns and only a few people who venture into these businesses actually make any real income. Instead we are offering you ideas that you can use to build a long term business with your home as its base. Here’s some of our best business ideas for stay at home parents.

Best Business Ideas For Stay At Home Parents

Upcycling & Vintage Business

vintage clothing business


If you love going to yard sales, swap meets, thrift stores and estate sales and you have a bit of a crafty do-it-yourself streak, this might be right for you. Outlets like Etsy and Ebay make it easy to set up a shop to sell all of the finds you make and there is a growing market for retro and up-cycled items. You will need to educate yourself about what kinds of clothing and items the market is looking for or be willing to take things like old dilapidated furniture and make it look refreshed and new or more often refreshed, but not new.

Freelance Work

freelancer business

As we have more and more of a gig economy, more people are doing freelance work to create an income. The types of work are varied such as writing, editing, web design, tax preparer, app design, photography, and so many more. These are often skills you might have acquired while working in the traditional work force, but now are using your home as your base and taking on clients and projects based on your unique situation. You will often find many of your clients in your previous work contacts. It can take some time and determination to build up a steady clientele, but it can be well worth it to have the freedom to do the work you are good at without having to drive to an office every day.

Home Daycare Business

home daycare businessStarting an in-home daycare will most likely require some training in things like CPR and First Aid. You will also have to meet state and local licensing and regulatory requirements, but it can be very worthwhile. Just like you don’t want to put your kids into some big impersonal institution, other parents feel the same and have turned to home based day-cares instead of large child care centers. This is a business that requires a lot of work and commitment, but it also tends to be more stable and provides a more dependable income.

Pet Service Business

pet walking business

Just like people don’t want to send their children to big institutional care centers, many don’t want to send their pets there either. A pet business can be a grooming service, full boarding service, obedience training, or making pet treats. Most will require you have space in your home or on your property that is separate from where your family sleeps and eats, but if you have the property and the zoning, this can be a rewarding business.

Farming Business

at home farming business

This is another business that requires you have some property, you may also need appropriate zoning and licensing, but there are now many small farms across the country that both supply food and an income. Look for your niche, be it growing organic foods or micro greens. Many small farms supply ingredients for specialty restaurants, cutting out the middle man and selling directly to their restaurant clients. Some even take custom orders, growing the exact foods that their clients want. If you love gardening and have the land for it, creating a niche farm might be the exact right home based business for you and your family.

Teaching and Tutoring

start a tutoring business

If you have specialized skills, such as playing piano or other instruments, computer skills, math skills or any other knowledge based skill, teaching and or tutoring from your home might be the best option for you. Most piano, voice and other instrument teachers, teach out of their homes and the demand for this kind of instruction has gone up as schools have fewer resources. With more kids looking to go to college there is more pressure to do well on the ACT, SAT, and in subjects like science and math, tutors for these subjects are finding they are busier and able to grow a reliable clientele to supply them with a steady income.

Crafts and Artisanal Products

bath bomb home business

With everyone creating beautiful boards on Pinterest, they often find that when they try to execute the ideas they see, they just aren’t that easy. Instead these would be crafters turn to professional crafters to create the soaps, clothing, pottery, art glass and all the other creations they want. Selling your crafts and products on Etsy or Ebay or even building your own website for your products can be very lucrative. In addition if you make how to videos or teach your techniques you can make an additional income.


The list we have here is just the start, but hopefully we have helped you to get thinking of the kinds of businesses you can be successful with from your home. Always keep in mind the rules and regulations and before you start on any venture, make sure you know what is and isn’t allowed as well as any licenses you might need. Never forget to look at what your tax liability might be and make sure you set up paying your tax burden upfront so you don’t end up with surprises when tax time comes. Other than that look for something you enjoy doing and find rewarding to have successful home based business.

If you would like to learn more about how to start a small business, read our article here and learn how to do it in 10 easy steps.

We love hearing about and sharing successes, so feel free to comment below on what type of home based business you started or want to start.

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  1. There are some great ideas in here! I am especially interested in craft products and freelance work. Do you think it is as simple as just placing ads online or the local paper to get work doing freelance? I have a specific skill set but I do not want to limit myself from any potential work, especially as things change so fast these days. I know lots of people who have been offered full time jobs because they knew one skill that no one else seems to. What are your thoughts?

    1. HI Irma! If you’re interested in Freelance work, we suggest starting with online freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr or Depending on your area of expertise however, there are other freelance/gig job marketplaces that are specific to niches, for example, if you’re a graphic designer there’s sites like If you’re great at Photography or DJ’ing there’s sites like I hear ya, it is hard to focus and narrow down our strengths when we have so many things we are good at 😉 but from a buyer point of view, it does look better if you present yourself as an expert freelancer in one or a few related areas vs being a generalist. Best of luck to you!

  2. I love the information you present in this post. Your tips for before starting your business are very helpful…some I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

  3. Great post! I am trying to get into some freelance business myself. I have also considered childcare, as I would like to stay home with my daughter, but also keep her socialized. Great ideas to consider – thanks!

  4. Honestly, I’m a single mom with two kids and I can tell how hard it is to combine raising my lovely kids and making money. A friend shared this piece with me and I’m glad I read and found it helpful. I was working as a web designer with a company here in Woodlands, TX, and I think it’s hightime I honed my focus on offering this as a freelance service online.

  5. Hmmmm. Home day care would sure be a good idea for me. I’ve got kids of my own too and since I have more time and my neighbors are the busy people, I can actually start with them. Maybe at a later time I’ll expand to the whole street.

  6. Pet service is a lucrative one and if you love animals, you should have almost no problem running this. Just be sure to know the right people to target and you are good.

  7. OK. I think I’m going to try my hands on upcycling. We’ve got lots of trade fair sales at affordable prices around and I bet I can make something out of that. Thanks for this.

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