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8 Awesome Ideas For A Service Home Based Business

Ideas for a home service business

Some of the most cost effective and simplest home based businesses you can start are service oriented businesses. These home based businesses provide services directly to the customer or to other business. Though at times it pays more to provide services to businesses, many of the home business ideas we will look at in this article do well even when there is a change or down turn in the economy.

These home business ideas are great for moms who are looking to balance their family life with creating an income. These ideas will work for baby boomers who are not ready to retire and busy couples who are looking for a way to generate more income and get away from employers who no longer reward loyalty or hard work.

Child Care

The modern working world has done nothing to address the need for high quality child care. The demand for childcare has been never been higher and more and more working families are looking to find childcare in a nurturing home environment instead of a big impersonal corporate child care center. In most states and cities you will need licenses and permits, but setting up a home based daycare in your home can lucrative and stable.

If you aren’t interested in providing child care full time you might provide an after and before school program or a program during the summer  that helps fill the gaps for people with school aged children. If you like the idea of helping out working parents, but don’t see yourself as the type to provide child care yourself, you might start a referral service that assists parents with the right childcare for them.

Tutoring and Teaching

The modern web cam and computer has made it possible to offer tutoring and teaching to anyone anywhere in the world. This home based business can be ideal for teachers, but anyone who has expert level skills can find people who want to learn what they have to teach. This can be done one on one via Skype or on demand with a video seminar. People who teach and tutor have found incomes by creating YouTube vides teaching people how to fix their own cellphones, do a new crochet stitch, explaining advance math and science concepts, building a shed, or just about anything you can think of.

Personal Services

Many busy working people find that they are always short on time, which means that you can base your home business of taking care of the many things they don’t have time for. This can be house cleaning, personal chef services, lawn and yard care, handyman services and personal shopping and errand services. Though technically you provide these services outside of your own home, you can still keep your business based at home keep your business flexible so it works around your life.

In addition to offering services to busy working people, there is a market to provide these services for seniors. With people living longer, they sometimes find that they can’t do all of the things they used to and there is a growing market for those who specialize in providing services to seniors. You also don’t have to provide all of these services yourself, setting up a business that completes all of the background checks on service providers and coordinates services is also another way you can turn personal services into your own home based business.

Professional Organizer

Most of us have seen shows on hoarding and home make overs that include the services of a professional organizer to get the job done. Though these shows often show this profession in extreme circumstances, many people are now seeking the aid of professional organizers for both big and small projects. On the grand end you might overhaul and organize a warehouse for a small business that is trying to make their shipping more efficient, or the playroom of a busy family. Some of the key skills a professional organizer has is the ability to sort and identify what can be kept and what can be discarded as well as how to organize for efficiency and based on the needs of your individual clients.

Personal Trainer

This is a great profession and home business idea for someone who is committed to living a fitness lifestyle. Though most people are more familiar with the personal trainers that they see in large commercial gyms, many of personal trainers work out of a gym they have in their own home or go to their client’s homes. You will need to be certified to be a professional trainer and carry the proper insurance, but there is a large market for these kinds of services. You may want to consider specializing so that you serve a specific niche. Though specializing can limit some of your client potential, you will likely find providing fitness to seniors, women throughout and post pregnancy, those recovering from injuries or surgery, etc., means you differentiate yourself from others providing similar services and you become the expert that is sought out rather than you having to constantly hunt for clients.

Wedding Planner

Do you do will in high stress and emotional situation. Are you the person who remains calm and quickly find solutions while others panic, then you might be cut out to be a wedding planner. Modern weddings have a lot of moving parts and even people who are planning a wedding on a budget now rely on wedding planners to coordinate everything from the venue to guest travel arrangements. This is not a job for the faint of heart, but those who have project management experience and event management experience might be ideal for taking on this home based business.

Pet Services

People are spending more on their pets than ever before and most want to see their pets cared for by individuals rather than big box pet stores. From pet sitting, to grooming and pet walking services if you love pets and love to pamper them you might find that this is your kind of home based business.  If caring for other people’s pets isn’t your gig you might find making and delivering fresh pet food and treats is for you or even making pet toys and outfits.

Mobile Car Cleaning and Detailing

Many people find they don’t have time to wash and detail their cars and they also don’t have time to wait around at the car spa. Mobile detailing services have filled in the gap by coming to homes and business and taking care of customer’s vehicles. You will need some specialized equipment and will need a permit or license in many municipalities, but overall the startup costs are low and you can quickly set up your own business that is both lucrative and flexible.

This is only a partial list of the potential home business ideas. If none of these work for you, think about what people need, ask friends and family members what kinds of services they use. If your goal is to work for yourself with your own home as your base for your business, there is the right idea for you.

Though many people start their own business thinking it will be a one man or one woman show, keep an open mind, you might find that you are able to go bigger. Some of the most successful businesses started at home and grew until they are now household names. Though in the start you might find you are pretty much trading time for money, with the right strategy you can find that you soon have grown beyond your initial ambition.

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  1. I belong to the school of thought that advocates most home based businesses remain relevant. Looking at the busy world, it’s easy to see that people, especially parents need the services of a child care specialist. Likewise, their kids need tutorials. I believe that if anyone can master any of the ideas listed in this piece, it would be easy to earn from home-based services.

  2. Pet service is becoming very lucrative I tell you. Today we have more people owning pets but most of them are working class people and have less time to stay with their pet. This is where your service would greatly be needed.

  3. I do wedding planning part-time and honestly, it pays a lot. I spend most of my time researching new ideas and the few weddings I have covered has actually opened us more opportunities for me. It pays if you know just how to do your thing.

  4. Trust me, been a personal trainer is something you sure would be glad to offer as a service. You are also building yourself up and helping someone do same. It’s easy if you are a fitness enthusiast and you will like the pay.

  5. Wow… Amazing services to offer. I can try my hands on child care. In my neighborhood we’ve got lots of kids whose parents spend lots of money sending to daycares. I think I’ll just pick that up and safe them the stress and cost. Thanks for the heads up.

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